Letter to the Editor: A lot of mumbo jumbo from Jeffco


In response to Dr. Glass and his invitation for a conversation. I don’t know if it was me, and I have a Masters in Poli /Sci, but I didn’t really understand what Dr. Glass was talking about. To me it all seemed to be a lot of “mumbo jumbo.” There was nothing, as is the case of the board and the superintendent, on what the real goals should be: reading, writing and arithmetic.

Are there any goals to raise these scores and to cut down on less kids graduating? What does a “learning centered vision” mean? What kind of curriculum do you intend to have? I feel that all these lofty goals are all touchy feely! For the $1.2 million that the school board paid you, you should be able to speak plainly to the taxpayers and not give us “mumbo jumbo.” Unless that was the purpose all along. 

David Albertsen,

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