Letter to the Editor: Athens, Sparta, or worse?


Will the proposed Fourth of July military parade in D.C. reported today emulate those of the old Soviet Union and the present N. Korea with ranks of goose stepping soldiers, battalions of tanks, and ranks of towed missiles; or those of ancient Rome complete with newly captured slaves, booty, and chained foreign potentates?

Who will be privileged to join our President for it, atop the newly erected reviewing stand?
Is this what the long suffering American taxpayer will be getting for his (100 percent borrowed) $700 Billion Pentagon budget, to be squandered on useless foreign wars and their toys?

Isn’t it time to return our nation’s focus to the wisdom of Pres. George Washington who called for friendship and trade with all nations, but permanent involvement with none?

Russ Haas,

Russ Haas

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