Letter to the Editor: Constant vigilance


The other week a letter writer questioned what we are doing in Niger. Perhaps the question should be, “What would happen if we were not in Niger?” The United States has a presence in over 100 countries abroad. This constant vigilance gives us both information and increased security. As we are so sadly finding out, the world is not such a friendly place to democracy. Without the United States providing a voice and force for democracy how many more countries would completely fall to socialism and communism.

All we need do is look at Cuba, Venezuela and other countries without our type of government and constitution to see how easily they fall prey to the forces of evil. The citizens of Venezuela are much like us, but without the recourse we have to a fair vote and constitutional protections. Now they are living is a country of socialistic devastation. So, yes we are in many places, and how much worse off might we and the world be if we were not?

William F Hineser,

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