Letter to the Editor: Reach Act can save kids’ lives


As a parent, I’m thankful my child was born healthy and has received medical care throughout his life.
Unfortunately, millions of children worldwide do not have the same access to care. Tragically, 15,000 children die daily from preventable causes like pneumonia and even diarrhea.

Despite these statistics, there is good news. Thanks to U.S. leadership we have cut in half the number of kids dying from treatable illnesses such as these.

Now it’s time to finish the job, but we need Senator Gardner to help! I urge the Senator to cosponsor the Reach Every Mother and Child Act (Reach Act). This bipartisan bill would help expand low-cost, proven solutions to end these deaths within a generation, and it would introduce new financing mechanisms to bring investors to the table and improve the use of existing taxpayer dollars.

This legislation offers the U.S. a unique opportunity to help end preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths.

I ask Senator Gardner to cosponsor the Reach Act and give all children a strong start in life, just like mine had.

Kiki McGough,

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